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106 270 $
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No certificate, diploma or degree : 25 330 $
High school diploma or equivalent : 217 990 $
Postsecondary certificate or diploma below bachelor level : 78 010 $
University certificate, diploma or degree at bachelor level or above : 49 690 $

Career's stability

The career's stability is based on the employment projection for that working area for the year 2022.

Employment requirements

  • Demonstrated ability in a particular sport, or type of game, is required.
  • Extensive training under the supervision of a coach is required.
  • Certification with a particular sports federation may be required.
  • A background combining athletic training and college or university studies is strongly recommended.

Job overview

Athletes participate in competitive sports events on an amateur or professional basis. They play team sports such as hockey, baseball, football and lacrosse; or compete in individual sports such as skiing, figure skating, boxing or track and field; or in games such as poker or chess. Athletes are employed by professional team organizations or they may be self-employed. This unit group also includes competitors such as chess players and poker players.

Main duties

  • Train under the direction of a coach or trainer to qualify for competition
  • Attend scheduled practice and training sessions
  • Participate in local, regional, provincial, national or international competitions and sporting events
  • Assess performance after an event to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Illustrative example(s)

  • athlete
  • baseball player
  • boxer
  • figure skater
  • football player
  • golfer
  • harness race driver
  • hockey player
  • jockey
  • professional athlete
  • skier
  • sprinter
  • track athlete

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