Commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces jobs in Canada


83 300 $
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No certificate, diploma or degree : 65 150 $
High school diploma or equivalent : 72 410 $
Postsecondary certificate or diploma below bachelor level : 78 130 $
University certificate, diploma or degree at bachelor level or above : 88 950 $

Career's stability

The career's stability is based on the employment projection for that working area for the year 2022.

Employment requirements

  • A university degree is usually required.
  • Completion of military training is required.
  • Experience as a non-commissioned member of the armed forces and demonstrated leadership ability may substitute for a university degree.
  • Senior ranks, such as colonel, require several years of experience.

Job overview

This unit group consists of commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces who plan, organize, command and evaluate the activities of personnel in the Canadian Forces. All ranks of commissioned officers in the Air Force, Army, and Navy are included in this unit group.

Main duties

  • Plan, organize and command the activities of Canadian Forces combat units such as armour, artillery and infantry battalions
  • Develop and implement military procedures and policies based on detailed knowledge of units' capabilities and performance
  • Direct subordinates in training and co-ordinate and direct activities of units in accordance with military practices
  • Assume responsibility for welfare, morale and discipline of units
  • Review and evaluate unit performance, prepare reports and provide briefings for superiors
  • May command and lead units engaged in non-combat operations for disaster relief and humanitarian and peacekeeping efforts domestically and internationally.

Illustrative example(s)

  • artillery officer
  • brigadier general
  • colonel
  • major
  • officer cadet
  • admiral
  • commodore
  • lieutenant commander
  • naval cadet
  • search and rescue captain

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